Painting motherhood is one of my main personal passions ~ I’ve relished in it for 15 years, it’s one of my daily nourishments. BUT, I also have a deep passion for nutrition, recipes, natural skincare and developing healthy habits.

VERY often while painting, I’m listening to health interviews, nutrition podcasts, documentaries on food/lifestyle/wellness (and un-wellness) ~ when I’m not listening to silence or music 🙂 

I am, for sure, a product of my father, who passed away, with his hand in mine, when I was 20. Had he been chosen to live until today’s time, he would have LOVED all of the wonderful offerings of FoodMattersTV (I LOVE!!), Google, Thrive Market… and all of the wonderful podcasts/blogs/movies.

I struggle EVERY DAY with wanting to show up for my people on Instagram and Facebook but not wanting to only be sharing what I have created and what I have for sale, but other things too! I struggle EVERY DAY with this. EVERY day. I feel a disconnect between wanting to connect and needing to “sell” (so I can buy food for my family AND more painting supplies!!). I’m so confused.

My question is… do you sometimes WANT to hear from me about natural health and skincare? Things I love and things I practice? Face masks, food, homemade scrubs and lotions… simple living? Things we’d talk about if we sat down to chat… Let me know.


This week’s painting was finished right on time – I’m a bit behind and it is due, partly, to a pulled muscle beneath my shoulder blade on my painting arm. So painful. But healing, as we speak!!

Her name is Growing Calm. She’s magenta! 😊 She is a 6×6” original painting on deep canvas and is currently available for $86. I really love her warmth and magic. A growing sense of calm, a calm before a storm of activity and changes. Enjoying this moment of peace, in pink, together.

Growing Calm- brand new original painting by Katie m. Berggren Growing Calm- brand new original painting by Katie m. Berggren


2019 Autographed Motherhood Calendars are in studio and ready to ship! They are so beautiful in real life! Go get them here. They are gorgeous, premium-sized, and include extra planning and memory pages this year.

BUT they are the SAME PRICE as last year ($22)! Such a deal when you end up with 12 full color frame-able 12×12″ art prints 🙂

Wholesale options available for moms groups, organizations, or just big groups of friends!


Thank you so much for your time, and let me know if you have any questions!
Love & Sincerely, Katie