I’d like to introduce you to my studio in Washington State, USA ~ a place where magic happens ~ a place where I stretch my legs and wings, learn, experiment and grow. I sometimes do yoga here, too 🙂

I want to thank YOU for your support over the years, allowing me to believe in myself, to dream, to draw from your stories, emotions and positive influences. I thank those who own paintings (and have given them as gifts) and prints and cards, those who have entrusted me with their emotions and their memories, Thank You. Without YOU, this place would not be…

Fresh arrived today and oh my…I thought the prints of your work were beautiful, but they don’t compare to the originals! (Of course, I still think they’re beautiful, too!) It honestly made me gasp in amazement…so stunning. Thank you so much. I will definitely be saving my pennies for a larger original for a more prominent place in my home at some point!”
~ Aislinn in Texas
Writing is a very important part of the creative process for me. While painting, I take notes and record thoughts and ideas and bios for each painting. It’s all about writing while experiencing the feeling, and not waiting until later when the words will be lost.   




“What you wrote about Realize really moved me, and the painting is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us all. Each of your paintings is like a snapshot of a happy memory that I have with one of my daughters, and looking at them makes me smile every time.  Thank you!” ~V.Z., Springfield, VA

My time in my studio focuses on the ups and downs of motherhood and an art career – woven loosely with the lyrics and music of inspirational musicians such as Fink, 21 Pilots, Vance Joy, Five For Fighting, Train, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and The Man in Black, Johnny Cash 🙂

A staple in my studio is music. I find it interesting how fine art and music go hand in hand and I have a tendency to feel connected to musicians who sing about their lives, their love and their craft.

(above) the simple shipping department.
paintings shown: You & Us, Three Souls, Hand Me Down, and Enchanted
these original paintings have sold, but you can snag prints here in my Online Motherhood Art Shop.
“I love your art for the motherly feel… I have a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and a loving husband ~ and my kids have big green eyes and your work really captures that cheeky, cute sweet side to being a mum with that loving, nurturing feeling sprinkled on top!”
~ J.P., Australia


“I just received the prints of paintings that I bought online, and I just wanted to thank you so much. They are so beautiful, I have never seen anything like them. I just love them! I’ll soon order more, as I need one for every room in the house!”
~ S.G., Norway


(above) my favorite paint: Golden, nothing compares.

paintings shown: Up Up & Away, Yes I Can (sold). These original paintings have sold, but you can snag prints of KmBerggren original motherhood paintings here in the Online Studio Shop.

Painting helps me to deal with the knot in my throat ~ the knot that is proof that someday my babies will grow and fly ~ off on their own ~ no longer in need of my daily care and fussing.

It’s as if I’m stealing moments ~ and this makes me feel a bit greedy and a bit lucky. Lucky that I can also share these paintings with other families.

“I received Defined, and it so took my breath away. This past year I was involved in a custody battle, and have finally resolved it after a lot of work and tears. I stumbled upon your work and knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel and all my fighting had been for something. Your work brings a smile to my face and heart. To be honest, I don’t think you realize how powerful your work is to all of us out here fighting for what is right for our babies. Thank You for bringing something beautiful in to each and every one of my days.
We love you Katie!”
~ N.N., Saint Cloud, MN
(above) working on Linger (sold)
(photo taken in previous studio, 2009). My previous studio was absolutely teeny ~ and shared with a washer and dryer ~ PROOF that you can do your art anywhere ~ just do it.
“I recently received the beautiful pieces that I ordered online.
They are even more phenomenal as a tangible piece than they showed online.
I am giving a couple as gifts and can’t wait to see their responses.
You are a fabulous artist. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.”
~ N.G., Vinita, OK 
“Your art defines some of my most intimate and magical moments as a mother. Every day, I walk my four year old and one year old daughters to the park in the same way you have painted (Mid Summer Day). I have never bought a piece of art before. I’ve seen beautiful art but never art that inspires and touches my soul the way yours has done. You are truly gifted. Thank you so much for sharing this gift with my family.” ~ online buyer
(above) working on Surrender (sold)
(photo taken in previous studio, 2009)

“Once again, your work has touched my life of motherhood. All of my pieces give me something to awe at in the daily life of little fingers and busy requests around here. It’s such a contribution to my each and every day ~ makes me thrilled to be given the gift of motherhood.
Thanks, Katie!”
~ L.E., Anderson, SC 

(above) May 2020 in the Studio


(above) Confluence Winery Art & Wine Fair, Ridgefield Washington.
These original paintings have sold, but you can snag prints here in the online Studio Shop.
“My mom was very touched by this print and the note you included. She was even convinced the note was in my hand writing! Thank you for helping us connect even though half way across the world from each other!”
~ online buyer

 (above) English Estate Winery, Vancouver Washington,  July 2011


(above) Pink Power’s “It’s Vegas Baby” event,  Vancouver Washington, September 2010
“Your work is stunning. I love it! I am a mom also and when I see your paintings they take my breath away. I just wanted to let you know that you capture that moment in time that seems like will last forever but you blink and it’s gone. So, thank you.”
~ S.H., Portland, OR
 (above) Camas Live, Camas Washington, August 2010.
(above) English Estate Winery, Vancouver Washington
“Thank you, Katie. 
That which touches me so deeply with your paintings is the
wonderful sense of color and emotion, your honesty,
and the vulnerability in each of your pieces of work.”
~ M.H., Vancouver, WA
(above) English Estate Winery, Vancouver Washington
July 2009 ~ Working on Keep
“Your paintings are breathtaking and the most beautiful I’ve seen!
I view them over and over again, and get both emotional and happy!
I received the beautiful paintings yesterday, and thank you so much for the cards. I’ll frame them as well, ’cause they are just so… I’m just out of words!
Thank you so much! I love your work, you’re absolutely my favourite artist, no doubt.”
~ K.H., Norway
(above) Love Art Gallery, Portland Oregon, June 2009.
“I got the prints yesterday, thank you so much! I absolutely love them, and I really appreciate the art cards you included in my order. Your paintings are so beautiful, and they’ve really touched me in a way that no other mother/child art has.  As a mother of four, I can see myself and my children in many of your pieces. 
Thank you so much for sharing your talent!”
~ R.L., Cincinnatti, OH
 (above) Washington State University, Vancouver Washington, May 2009.
Working on I Can See Clearly Now (sold)