Q: What Are Reward Points?
If you create an account before or during the checkout process, you will earn a reward point for every dollar you spend on artwork (the amount spent shipping & taxes does not earn points) purchased from my Online Studio Shop. Once you reach a point level of 200, you will have $20 free to spend in the shop. Or put the $20 toward a custom original painting.

Spread your love around ~ mother & child prints make AMAZING GIFTS for new & expectant mothers, physicians, best friends, sisters, aunts, doulas and midwives ~ anyone who values and cherishes the gift of connection between families. Reward Points are valid for purchases beginning January 1, 2021. If you have points accrued before this date, contact me and if I can verify your earned points, I’ll honor them for you!



Q: What is your Refund & Exchange Policy?
A: If you are unhappy with your purchase, or if your item is damaged or incorrect, please contact me within 3 days of receipt. If you would like a refund for your order, I will ask that you carefully package and ship your product back to me in the original packaging. Once your item is received, I will reimburse your charges for the item, the original shipping, and the return shipping.

If you would like to exchange the piece you purchased for a different design, let me know within 5 days of receipt. I will ask that you ship the package back to me and let me know your new artwork choice. Once your item is received in new condition, I will pay the shipping to ship you your new piece. Any charges for size/format upgrades will be due before shipping.

Buyers outside the USA, please note that VAT Taxes, Import Fees, Customs Fees and Duties that you may have paid to receive your package are not refundable.

You can always contact me with any questions at katie@kmberggren.com.



Q: What is the Collector Referral Program?
If you create an account before or during the checkout process, you will not only automatically earn rewards for your purchases, but you will have the option to sign into your Shop account and click on the Referrals option (lower left of your screen). In your dashboard, you will find an option to send a custom link to your friends. Give your friends a reward (a $5 off coupon) for purchasing their first item from the KmBerggren Online Shop, and you’ll get a reward when they make a purchase (a $5 off coupon)! Thank you!



Q: Do you ship your original paintings and products overseas?
Yes, I offer Global Shipping. ►UK and EU customers◄ please shop in my 5-star Etsy shop for the same items shipped from my studio. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Etsy shop, please contact me. I will need to see a screenshot of your Shopping Cart items, or a list of what you’d like to order, then I can set up your items in the Etsy shop. Orders up to $180 USD (EUR 150) will incur a VAT/Import Fee, and orders above this amount will require VAT/Import Fee collection at your border.

►Other International Countries◄ You can check out normally in the shop, but contact me if you have any issues. I ship original paintings, prints of all sizes, charms and magnets all over the world. Original paintings larger than 24″ across on one side have the canvas removed from the stretcher bars, and are rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube. The paintings can then be re-stretched onto new stretcher bars (frame) in an art or frame shop near your home. Original paintings smaller than 24″ are shipped ready to hang. See the KmBerggren Global Client Map.

►Please note: shipping charges paid to the artist for the shipping and handling of the original painting or product does not include VAT Taxes, Import Fees, Customs Fees and Duties.

►VAT Taxes, Import Fees, Customs Fees and Duties are fees that are requested by your government, and are not connected to me as the business you purchased from. When you make your purchase, the shipping charges you pay are used for the postage costs to get your package from my studio to your city.

►The buyer is responsible for all VAT Taxes, Import Fees, Customs Fees and Duties upon the package arriving in the destination country. There is no way for me to estimate these fees in advance and include them in the shipping cost. These fees are also not refundable.





Q: What is the Silent Story Book, who is The Seeker?
You can learn and explore all about Silent Story Book and The Seeker on the dedicated SilentStoryBook.com website! Order Your Copy Of A Silent Story Of Heartbreak & Hope




Q: Do you custom paint for families; can you create a painting inspired by myself and my children?
Absolutely ~ I am honored to create paintings inspired by the affection and connection of specific mothers and their child(ren). Most important to note, however, is that I focus on capturing the emotion and connection between family members – instead of a photo likeness. I like to see photos for inspiration, hair and eye color, and I like to know names and ages and anything else that is interesting ~ but I do not strive for a likeness of the individuals. I strive to create a flowing, loving and emotional piece inspired by your family’s connection.

See additional information about Commissioned Paintings here.



Q: What if I can’t decide on a piece that represents my whole family, or me and all of my kids?
A great idea that MANY collectors have is to choose a print or painting that represents mama with EACH child individually. We have different relationships with each of our children ~ each deserves its own unique celebration. The chosen prints can hang together in a collage, or separately, perhaps near or in each child’s bedroom.

I encourage you to follow your heart through the paintings in the shop and choose those that speak to you, that bring feelings of peace and whole-heartedness ~ regardless of eye or hair colors.

The Online Shop is set up to make it EASY for you to snag the print that represents your unique relationship, you can choose via family size or narrow it down to breastfeeding, babywearing or cosleeping paintings 🙂



Q: Can I purchase a specific print, but with different hair or eye colors?
I now offer Hand-Embellished and Signed Art Prints. A 12×12 Thick Margin Print hand-accented with paint for brush-stroke texture. An artist’s touch to make your print one-of-a-kind, valuable and collectible.

Choose the “Embellished” option on the print of your choice (not available for all images) and if you need small hair or eye color adjustments, please include a note in your order and I will confirm with you via email.



Q: If I buy an original painting, do I hold the rights to that image?
Katie m. Berggren retains sole full ownership & reproduction rights to all KmBerggren paintings, even after the original piece has sold. This is a standard practice throughout the art world. This means Katie m. Berggren art & design, LLC may produce prints or products from that image in any form. All of my artwork is Registered and protected by Copyright Law. Contact me to discuss options for you to create products from the KmBerggren painting you purchased.



Q: May I create my own painting(s) based on a KmBerggren painting(s)?
A: I am honored that my work inspires you. Artists learn, grow and practice by copying the artwork of others, however, please remember that an artist’s finished unique paintings are always copyrighted works protected by copyright law. Feel free to practice and learn by mimicking, but don’t sell the finished pieces unless they are very much your own take on the style. When you are ready to sell artwork, make sure it is your own work, created with your own ideas and inspired by what is in YOUR heart.



Q: What is the Mindful Mothering Project?
It’s super fun, check out The Mindful Mothering Project here, and you may just end up with a free 12×12 inch print of a piece inspired by you!




Artwork Usage:

I receive an enormous amount of questions about the use of my mother & child paintings ~ I’m honored that this work is so appreciated, and I want it to be enjoyed. I appreciate you following the below guidelines, to diminish improper use by those who might like to illegally profit from the KmBerggren painting collections. All of my pieces are copyrighted and registered. 


Q: May I use a KmBerggren painting as my avatar (profile picture) on Facebook?
Absolutely, you may! As long as you kindly provide a credit line in the caption of the photo. Here is the credit line to use: “Artwork ©Katie m. Berggren ~ https://www.KmBerggren.com


Q: May I use a KmBerggren painting as my company’s logo? Or as an image that remains on my company’s website?
Most likely, but only with an agreement and a usage fee. Shoot me an email with your company information, and we can talk about the process of specifying an image for your logo/branding needs. Katie m. Berggren’s art may not be used for any for-profit or commercial ventures or for use on any commercial websites without a contract which has been approved and signed by Katie. Your respect in this matter honors my unique work and those who purchase my work every day. For Website Usage, I offer several usage packages which may suite you, send me an email, and we will discuss the options.

There is also an option to have a piece custom created just for you, to use as your logo. Please contact me for additional information.



Q: May I create journals, buttons or other products featuring a KmBerggren painting?
A: Katie m. Berggren’s art may not be used on any products or giveaway items, without a signed contract and a paid usage fee. All of my artwork is Registered and protected by Copyright Law.



Q: May I use a KmBerggren painting as my non-profit organization’s logo? Or as an image on my non-profit’s website?
Send me an email with your non-profit’s information, and we can talk about the process of specifying an image for your logo/branding needs. Katie m. Berggren’s art may not be used for any for-profit or commercial ventures or for use on any commercial websites without a contract which has been approved and signed by Katie. I do allow a KmBerggren image to be used on one page of the website of a non-profit, without cost. It is required that you contact the artist prior to use, providing your website URL. A proper credit line is also required – to be shown on the page featuring the image. Here is the credit line to use: “Artwork used with permission ©Katie m. Berggren ~ https://www.KmBerggren.com” Please make sure to gain permission prior to use, and I will be honored to share your website and services with my online community!



Q: May I feature a KmBerggren painting on my blog with one of my blog posts?
Certainly ~ however ~ please include a credit line such as “Artwork by Katie m. Berggren, http://www.KmBerggren.com” ~ AND if you email me the blog post once it is posted, there is a good chance I’ll share it with my community.



Q: May I publish a KmBerggren painting in my printed book or magazine?
We can talk about an option that will work for both of us. I am not prepared to allow my paintings to be used or reproduced in any manner without a signed contract and compensation to the artist. This honors my time and unique work and those who purchase my work every day. All of my artwork is Registered and protected by Copyright Law. Email me with your idea.



Q: What if I find Katie’s art misused elsewhere?
If you suspect that a KmBerggren painting is being reproduced, printed, used or sold illegally, please contact me. I very much appreciate your help in honoring my work and those who have purchased it!



Wholesale Opportunities:

Yes, I do offer wholesaling opportunities ~ please contact me.




Visit my FRAMING page.

Shop for archival prints of mother and child paintings in the Online Shop.

Q: Why do the prints have white margins?
All prints are created from original paintings. Original paintings are created in a variety of sizes from 4×4 inches to 40×60 inches! In order to make the images accessible as 8×10, 12×12 and 13×19 inch standard-sized prints without cropping off a portion of the image (ie: you lose part of the original image), there is a white border to cushion the image. The white border acts as a faux matte, making framing easier and potentially less costly. Allowing the pieces to be printed in standard sizes, allows them to be framed with off-the-shelf frames.

The 13×19 inch prints are created with giving you the largest image-size possible in mind. I create the largest print I can on the 13×19 inch stock, without losing artwork and with an edge for protection. The top and bottom margins will vary depending upon the format (rectangular or square) of the original painting. These prints will not work in a standard frame. See below for an idea on how to frame the 13×19 inch prints!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions ~ it is my intention that you will LOVE your print!




Q: How shall I frame my lovely new print?
My archival paper prints in sizes 12×12 or smaller fit into standard sized off-the-shelf frames. For 13×19 inch prints, purchase an off-the-shelf standard frame in an 18×24 inch or larger size, then take the print to the framing counter and pay only for a custom cut window mat. The framer will want to measure the image size of your print. Put it all together at home and voila! A beautifully framed piece without the custom framing price. Or, have the framer custom frame your piece for maximum protection and longevity. They know just the right paper materials and glass to use.

Get my free Framing e-book here