You are full of good insights; do you write them down? The messages we receive throughout the day belong on paper, because they are not only for US (the thinker, the receiver) but are to be held onto for another person who might need that insight down the road.

(I try to capture everything ~ but fail. As soon as I hear myself say “I’ll remember that…” I know that I won’t, and I better get it down.)

I used to think that the need to write things down meant I had a bad memory. Now I believe creative humans (which is ALL humans) are naturally FULL of inspiration and good ideas. We dream up creations and techniques in the middle of the night, we come across simple moments that we find amazing and inspiring because we are open to the possibility of amazement. We are always receiving.

What do we do with what we receive? Phenomenal notions, creative compositions and mind-blowing product ideas flit IN then OUT of our minds. Writing our thoughts down is a sign of strength and belief in ourselves, not a sign of weakness.

(At the same time… I also believe that ideas will visit us multiple times if they are intent on being realized. So, focus on driving and trust that the really good insights will flit back into your melon when you are in a safe place to write them down.)

The new 2019 Motherhood Calendar has a whole page devoted to capturing your ideas and those flitty little inspirations. USE IT, please, we need what you dream up 😊


I’ve got the 16th painting in the Kindred Collection to share with you today. Between Dreams ~ Mama is fully aware of the responsibility and dedication required of her, yet she relishes this quick and quiet moment of warmth and magic. Between Dreams was an idea a couple days ago, one I put down onto canvas 🙂


Between Dreams new available original painting by Katie m. Berggren,


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Love & Sincerely, Katie