This time of year… I won’t lie and say I’m in the holiday spirit, because I’m not, just yet. But I am enjoying the cold outside and the warm inside, the snuggling and reading in front of the fire… and the lovely flowing urge to paint like crazy!

Thank you to all who took action and advantage of my free print offer last week ~ it was so fun to thank you with a gift!

This week I have put the finishing touches on a new medium-sized painting (16×20″) as well as created a new little gem for you. She makes me happy, this little chunky mini (6×6″).

Woven Into My Heart ~ this 16×20″ original one-of-a-kind painting is inspired by our ability to always carry with us, our babies, no matter how they grow or where they go ~ they are forever woven into the very fibers of our hearts, never to be replaced. I am absolutely enamored by this piece, every moment I spent creating her was infused with peace. Does she speak to you?

Woven Into My Heart by Katie m. Berggren

Woven Into My Heart by Katie m. Berggren
Make Woven Into My Heart (the one-of-a-kind original painting) yours, here.
You can also find archival and stretched canvas prints of Woven Into My Heart, here.

I’m often asked *HOW* I can let these pieces go… but in truth, the process of creation is the joy for me… and the second JOY is hearing how she is gracing another mother’s life ~ bringing inspiration and peace into the home. When original paintings find their forever homes, I reinvest ~ back into the health of my family, and the life and liveliness of my studio: I buy healthy, whole food and more thick, creamy paint 🙂


It’s Thursday, and I have a new original One-of-a-Kind mini painting for you ~ I was feeling anxious earlier this week, and creating this little piece quickly became a happy escape. As she came to be, I became much happier. Her name is A Bit Of Perfect, and she is a 6×6″ original painting on deep canvas ~ she’ll arrive ready to hang (she doesn’t even need a wire, just a nail in the wall) or display on a shelf, with a stack of free art cards, make her yours, here. She is infused with whimsy and glee.

A Bit Of Perfect By Katie m. Berggren

You can also find archival and stretched canvas prints of A Bit Of Perfect, here.

Thank you for everything, see you next Thursday!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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