More than anything I just want to THANK YOU for all that you do. For the moments when you bend down to look into your child’s eyes & truly listen. For the moments when you bite your tongue to hold back a sarcastic response, for the moments when you take a breath instead of taking aim. Thank you. Every moment of peace & understanding, acceptance & quiet, makes the world a better place from the inside out.

Have a wonderful day ~ and as a HUGE hug for you, from me, choose a free 8×10” archival mother and child print of your choice for all orders over $19 through Monday, December 1st.

No coupon code necessary, just tell me in the comments what you’d like free your print to be, and I’ll include it for you (you can even choose a print of the new painting, below!). Find your prints, paintings and pendants here.


It’s Thursday, and I have a new original One-of-a-Kind mini painting for you ~ she is a lovely celebration on canvas ~ a true act of love & peace in regard to texture & color. I truly enjoyed loving her into creation. Her name is Circle Of Calm, and she is an 8×8″ original painting on deep canvas ~ she’ll arrive ready to hang with a stack of free art cards, make her yours, here.

You can also find archival and stretched canvas prints of Circle Of Calm, here.

Circle Of Calm by Katie m. Berggren


Circle Of Calm by Katie m. Berggren

Circle Of Calm by Katie m. Berggren


“I love my collection of your art. It does serve to inspire and remind me, everyday, of the love I have for my family and the tenderness I strive to express, even when I’m ready to lose my mind!” ~ Laurie

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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