pagetitles-res-cosleepEven now that my boys are big, I still adore when they climb into bed with me, their long cool or warm legs against me. So huggable and fitting so well into my spoon. From the time my boys were first in their cribs I have stood by their bed and sang to them, patted their little bodies, rubbed their little bottoms, stroked their hair utnil they were asleep or nearly asleep. When they got their big boy beds we began laying in their beds with them and 4 years later we still do, every night. So so often our boys fall asleep with one of their parents beside them.  I adore this and I know it will someday end. ~ KmB


Some of my favorite co-sleeping paintings, so far

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You & Us by Katie m. Berggrenyou & us Not Close Enough by Katie m. Berggrennot close enough 
 Three Sleeping by Katie m. Berggrenthree sleeping In The Arms Of A Beautiful Dream by Katie m. Berggrenin the arms of a beautiful dream

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