“I am just blown away, I yet again lack the words to convey how much I LOVE your painting. I thought it was beautiful last night but tonight it’s even more stunning, it’s so rich & has such a warm glow, I love the deeper gold/orange tones. It feels warm, blissful, serene, snug, safe… these words aren’t enough, I will have to go get a thesaurus & see if I can find the words to do it justice!

I’m full of smiles ever since I received this and very very excited at the prospect that this amazing piece of art will soon be in my hands. I forsee lots of time spent each day staring at it and feeling warm and happy :). Thank you so much for creating this unique and precious gift for me, I know I will treasure it forever. You are a fantastically talented artist but it is a particularly special talent that you have to be able to capture the bond between mother and child(ren) so poetically.”

Holding On By Katie m. Berggren

Holding On By Katie m. Berggren

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I am honored to share Michelle’s painting and this commissioned client’s kind words. Thank you Michelle! Love & Sincerely, Katie