I’ve let little peeks escape on Instagram and Facebook – but I want to fully expose the fact that I’m working on a new book! At this point we are calling it The Healing You Can Do Project… but I can tell you from the bottom of my soul that THIS BOOK is going to change lives – lift burdens, bring light, soothe souls, inspire healing…

Meghan calls this book: A love letter of empathy, encouragement and affirmation for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. It is a promise that you can survive after physical and sexual abuse, and make the world a better place because of it.

I’m in the throes of the painting process, and I want to share a bit with you, today 🙂 (sorry for the late email, yesterday got away from me!)

This is me meeting with Meghan, The Birth Warrior  and author of the impactful manuscript, at the end of 2018. Meghan is a home/natural birth advocate who lives to empower women in every facet of their lives.

This is a peaceful little workspace I set up in my Studio on a cold December day. Love the salt lamp? A gift from my sweet friend 🙂

This is Meghan and I concepting out the cover of the book, while having amazing food in Downtown Vancouver, WA 🙂

This is the cover painting, coming together bit by bit, a couple weeks ago 🙂 I look forward to showing you more as the time is right! Mostly on Instagram and Facebook.


My last book was released a year ago: Carry You With Me is a heartfelt story written from a mother’s perspective of love, loss, healing and hope. Whimsical illustrations are brought to life with deeply rooted words and symbols. We remember together the great loves we have lost and cherish all the ways we carry them with us forever. Carry You With Me is a Community, a Collection of Gifts, a heart-felt hard cover book, a personal illustrated journey.

Carry You With Me by Alanna Knobben and Katie m. Berggren

I currently have about 15 double-autographed Carry You With Me books in my studio – you can get books from my studio here. Live in Canada? Get your book here to get better shipping rates.

Thank you SO much for your support along these journeys – I LOVE seeing your feedback, feeling your love and sending books out to you – THANK YOU!

Love & Sincerely, Katie