Kindest Nature has SOLD! She is the 5th Annual Painting On Purpose painting: YOU helped me choose the sketch and I chose Pink Lemonade Project as the organization to receive the funds from the sale of this original painting ($1,382).

Painting On Purpose by Katie m. Berggren Painting On Purpose by Katie m. Berggren

YOU followed along with the process of this painting on my Instagram and Facebook pages, and gave your kind support and feedback. THANK YOU!! You can watch a video of Kindest Nature’s process here:

I will now give $1,382.00 to Pink Lemonade Project (stay tuned for photos). Thank YOU for following along!!

Pink Lemonade Project is improving lives through healing retreats, mentorship and supportive groups in a safe, welcoming environment. PLP was created to provide critical information and loving support to breast cancer survivors who struggle with the emotional and psychological aspects of diagnosis and recovery. Learn more here.

So far, Painting On Purpose has allowed me to give $4,251 to five different organizations benefitting mothers and children.

I started POP in 2015, inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned 92 on the release of the first painting, and she turned 96 YESTERDAY when Kindest Nature was released! Although, when we talked on the phone, she thought it was her 95th birthday, and said I depressed her (not really) by reminding her that she was actually turning 96, not 95!!! 🙂 🙂 She is a sweet & spicy, amazing woman.


A Personal Moment…

Do you have a sweet son, of any age? I’m currently reading Dr. Meg Meeker’s book “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” ~ and the book is wonderful and eye-opening. Here’s a non-affiliate link to the book on Amazon 🙂 not that I have any problem with affiliation 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie