Coming across past photos and videos of our children can touch us in a longing sort of way. We wish we could go back to those moments, even just for an hour, to hold those babies again. But then, we look into the eyes of our big kiddos, and we realize… those babies are STILL in there!

They are just tucked deep inside, still needing the same love and tenderness ~ even though they may not outwardly ask for it… go on, snuggle them up!


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I have a brand new original painting to share with you! Wherever I Go. She is an 8×8″ original painting on canvas, currently available for $150. Click her image to make her yours and have her shipped directly to you, with a stack of free 5×7″ art cards 🙂 (I love giving cards away, if you haven’t noticed).

Wherever I go, you never leave me, even when we aren’t close enough to touch.

Wherever I Go by Katie m. Berggren

Wherever I Go by Katie m. Berggren

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren