Take a breath, look around. It might not be as bad as you think. I wholeheartedly know something, and I think you wholeheartedly know it too. But we just keep forgetting. We just keep throwing this that we know under the rug, or under the bus, and letting ourselves forget. Here is what we know:

WE choose our attitude in any given moment. We get to choose how we feel.

I Can See Clearly Now by Katie m. Berggren

I Can See Clearly Now by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag archival prints of this piece

See, it’s simple. No one else gets to determine how we feel, only we do. Let me tell you a quick story.

Recently, the first day of school (which means the first day that I could run some errands without worrying about affecting any little people who hate to run errands), I was rushing, to maximize my time. I had shipped a client’s package, but the package came back. The PO had a question for me. No sweat. After my bellyfit class I rushed over to the local little gas station that has a postal counter. It would just take a minute, they just needed a spec of paperwork from me. I could still make great time and maximize my painting time at home. No sweat.

The little postal counter woman shook her head. Sorry, we aren’t allowed to handle paperwork anymore, you must go to the post office. Urg – the post office adds 25 minutes of driving, PLUS, the line is usually mind-numbingly long. The counter workers mind-explodingly slow. But they mean well, and they are nice.

I took a breath, I looked around. Okay, so I had just better go right away. I headed straight to the PO, with a very conscious decision in my mind to stay positive and go with the flow (the bellyfit class that morning helped with this, I’m sure!)

My car turned the corner toward the main road, and I poked the button to turn on some radio tunes. Well, whattya know, my favorite song (of the moment ) “Good Life” by OneRepublic, came on within seconds. “…It’s gonna be a good life, it’s just gotta be a good life… a good, good life.” For me that was a direct confirmation of my chosen good attitude. And that we choose the goodness of our moments, the goodness of our days, and the goodness of our lives.

The post office parking lot was almost empty, and the line inside nearly non-existent. The day before (when I had dragged my boys there on their last day of summer) the line had been all through the lobby and out the door. The workers were slow, but the one who helped me was kind and to the point, he took my paperwork and boom. The package that required a little extra TLC was off, on its way to the mama who would wear and love the glass art charm inside.

The rest of the day was wonderful. And time seemed to drag, just for me, so that I could make lots of progress on my paintings.

How have you benefitted from a conscious decision to live your day as you choose, versus reacting to the world around you? Come over to the Facebook Page and let me know! I’ll be waiting, and can’t wait to talk with you!

Here’s to CHOOSING our attitudes 🙂 Make it a great day,

Love & Sincerely, Katie



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