Sometimes I feel so misunderstood, like I can’t get in control of my emotions. Sometimes, my mama gets mad at me. But I remember one time, when I was feeling out of control, tired and hungry after a long day ~ instead of getting mad while I ripped all the pillows and cushions off the living room couches and threw them on the floor, my mama came over to me, knealed down to me, and in her palm was a little piece of dark chocolate. “Sometimes”, she said “when I’m having a hard time, a little piece of dark chocolate helps me to feel better.” Then she went back to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

And it did make me feel better, and I cleaned up the living room, put all of the couch cushions and pillows back even nicer than I’d ever done before, then ran off to play with my big brother.

Defined by Katie m. Berggren

Defined by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag archival prints of Defined

I hope, that my son says this someday. Remembering our time together, and maybe receiving a glimmer of the pointlessness of arguing with what is and how we are feeling, but instead, making a decision to change our thoughts and our attitude, restoring peace.

I wish you so much peace and calm today ~ and maybe some dark chocolate too. Here is my favorite choice.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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