“When was the last time you had friends drop by unexpectedly for a visit? For many of us it’s been entirely too long. There was a time when families made a regular habit of packing into the car and driving over to a friend’s home for an afternoon of good conversation and a piece of banana-cream pie. It was one of life’s special little pleasures… The pressures and busyness of life have all but destroyed the sense of community that was one common among families and friends. We seldom – if ever – drop in on friends unannounced. And even if we did they would probably have to cancel a string of appointments in order to be with us. Thus, we go about our days, careening through life, glancing at our watches and wondering why we don’t have very many close friendships.”

borrowed from Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson

Last week, two of my good friends and their 4 kids in total came over and we spent a delightful afternoon – 9 people in the same house – 6 kiddos scrambling and playing – and three mothers, relaxing with tea and homemade pizza.

It was wonderful and I hated to see them leave.

That evening I read the above paragraph in Dr. Dobson’s book. I had been holding onto this library book for far too long, then thought I’d give it a chance one night – I opened it and read a paragraph or two and stumbled on this one. It made me feel good to know that not only had I given my boys a fun afternoon of playtime with their four best friends, but I offered my mama friends an afternoon where there were no dishes or cleaning to do – no meals to be made (although Ellie brought a wonderful pie!) I also gave myself a wonderful treat of visiting with honest, open friends.

I wish YOU many of these moments!

Grab hold of those real friends of yours, the real ones, and cherish them and the kindness, time, and talk they have to offer.

above image, Conversations, find a print of this painting in the Etsy shop.

On another note:

I have been painting like a mad but happy storm these past many days – 5 paintings in the works – when I feel like I am about to overdo one, I switch to another one. They all stare back at me all day, every time I come near the studio, and I have to say it can get annoying. But when the evening commences and it is my time to paint and work, I am unbearably renewed and eager. Above is a process image of one of the commissions I am working with.

Have a wonderful evening!

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie