Dear Holly,

In case you’ve wondered why I haven’t shown you more Silent Story and Wild Tenderness paintings… I’m showing you the state of my studio 🙂

I’m giving you a glimpse into where the last couple hundred hours of my studio time have gone 🙂 You can see progress videos on my Instagram Story Highlights.

Recent Paintings in the Katie m. Berggren Studio

From left front clock-wise: The Nature Of Love (sold), Rest In Love (sold), Fresh Beginning (sold), Tranquility (the little one, sold), Peace On Earth (the babywearing one, AVAILABLE), and Heart & Soul (front right, sold)

THESE lovelies have kept me very busy for the last several months – but soon, they will all head off to their own corners of the globe (some to the USA, one to Dubai, some to Kazakhstan). I’m NEVER bored.

Silent Story and Wild Tenderness live in my head EVERY DARN DAY and they are not lost, not forgotten. Sketches have been made, notes are taken, stories are (mostly) written… I hope to have more for you soon. Keep an eye on my Instagram Stories to see progress!


THANK YOU to those who have patronized my Online Studio Shop, you are supporting MY little family, and I’m so completely grateful.

This is the 11th week of Free Weekly Gifts (no surprise, I give away 100’s of dollars in gifts every year, but I love it! Art is what I CAN GIVE, so I do).

This week’s gift is an archival and signed 8×8 inch print of Song In My Soul (a $22 value) ~ these gifts have been a big hit ~ don’t forget to put KMBWEEKLY in the promo code box at checkout, so that you get yours with orders of $39+.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.
Love & Sincerely, Katie