It’s a fresh new season, and I find myself re-inventing. The feeling is absolutely invigorating, like jitters-in-my-innards-exciting.

I’m working on several new things…

But most importantly, I’m re-inventing my print offerings. I want to make choices that are BETTER FOR YOU. Easier framing, less confusion in the long run. Happier Collectors.

I’ve been offering 8×10 inch prints and 12×12 inch prints for around 10 years, but something has always felt a little weird to me:

~Creating 8×10 prints (a non-square print) of square paintings


~Creating 12×12 prints (a square print) of rectangular paintings

I haven’t had many concerns over the years from buyers, mostly folks have framed up their prints BEAUTIFULLY!

But mostly, I have a feeling in me that is not matching up. I feel this shape discrepancy makes prints harder to frame and enjoy.

SOOO…. With the nudging of a trusted friend and fellow businesswoman, I’m taking a big step.

I see it as a step FORWARD and I hope you do, too.

Starting next week, I’m going to offer three additional print sizes:

5×5 inch ~ 5×7 inch ~ 8×8 inch

With different available sizes depending upon the shape of the print image you choose.

see the images below!

(The only other option is for me to ALWAYS paint on square canvases or ALWAYS paint on rectangular canvases, and that feels like a loss of creative freedom)

AND! I’m offering a couple new small sizes! I’ll write more about these later. They are cluster-able, collectable, frame-able, give-able. They sit on a tiny easel, rest on a shelf and look rad propped on a desk or bedside table.

The images below show the magic of how it all lays out.

I’d LOVVVEEEE LOVE to hear your feedback.

Is this confusing? Concerns?

I’m here for you. Lay it on me and I’ll do my VERY BEST to learn from you and answer any questions.


For square images:

For rectangular non-square images:


I see more continuity in size and shape. I see more balance in the image on the print paper. I see easier framing, less confusion.

I feel in my gut that this is right. Gosh, I hope I haven’t screwed things up. I can always create, for you, a special size/margin, just let me know.

Thank you for your time. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week’s end.

Love & Sincerely, Katie