She is complete (again). In 2014 I first completed This Moment Between Us inspired by my pure love for bedtime moments with my 10-year old son. Here is how she looked, and I loved her:

This Moment Between Us, original painting, 2014

BUT… I felt there was something that she needed… I put her away for years, and moved on with other pieces, other elements of life, as we do.

With hours of sweat and practice in front of the “easel” of our choosing, we evolve. My “easel” is an actual easel, and I have spent the time and the effort that led me to where I am now, and I wanted to catapult This Moment Between Us to where I am NOW.

I wanted to pluck her from my “past work” and make her my “newest work”. Like welcoming an old friend back into the circle after years of wondering if she still likes me. She loves me. And I love her.

Here she is NOW, freshly complete (I’m over the moon):

This Moment Between Us, original painting, 2019

And here is a video showing her catapult from THEN to NOW.

This Moment Between Us ~ original painting by Katie m. Berggren

This original painting is 18×24” on deep canvas, she’s substantial and beautiful, with such stories to tell. The story of her original birth, and the story of her transformation.

This original painting HAS SOLD. Let me know if you’d like an archival paper or canvas print of this painting.

As I mentioned last week: we have universal permission to continue to grow, to not apologize for our re-creations and urges to make something better. Some modifications happen in our hearts, minds and journals, and some changes happen for all the world to see.

Thank you for following along with this process, and for your kind support. I appreciate you.

Sincerely, Katie