We transform, we gain layers of experience. With hours of sweat and practice in front of the “easel” of our choosing, we evolve. What is your easel of choice? A business, a kitchen, a sewing machine, a house & family, a blog, a book you are writing?

Our work, today, has more texture, more layers, has more life to it… because we have more life in us now. Personally, there is value in my early paintings, and there is value in the recent paintings. Your past work (whatever it is), even if you don’t love it, got you to where you are today.

Our parenting has also gained layers of evolution.
Constant work, day building upon day of nurturing a relationship with our child/ren, and day upon day of building experience at life.

In 2014, This Moment Between Us was created from pure love for the bedtime moments with my 10-year old son. I love the format and their pose – it’s perfect to me, because it is real! We would lay like this and he would ask me every night to stay ‘for a couple more minutes’. I ALWAYS did.

I’m re-working this piece. My boy is no longer ten years old, and this painting calls for something more. Her bones are great ~ I just want to re-consider her surface. As a way to honor this moment.

I know I don’t need to defend my urge to re-work this piece. I just picked it up and WENT FOR IT. One evening I felt the curling edge of dissatisfaction with how I was spending my time. There wasn’t much time left in the evening, but everyone was busy with something else, so I picked up this piece and put her back on the easel…

…After 5 years of her being “done”. Are we ever actually DONE with anything?

I loved her, when I finished her in November of 2014. And I love her even more now. I am in-process of re-working the skin, hair, blankets… pouring more of my time into her, topping her up with my care and attention.

We have universal permission to continue to grow, to not apologize for our re-creations and an urge to make our lives deeper. To bring our hearts and lives into balance by making the changes that feel right, day by day.

Some modifications happen in our hearts, minds and journals (Do The Work with Byron Katie, for instance). Some changes happen for all the world to see.

Go now, GROW.

You can see the newest images of This Moment Between Us and her transformation, on my Instagram and Facebook stories. Let me know if you don’t know how to access the Stories sections to see live-action videos, and I’d be happy to help you.


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I hope you have had a great week.

Drink some more water, eat something leafy and green with dinner. Take extra deep breaths. Move your body today. Shoot for good sleep this weekend. Know you are loved…

Love & Sincerely, Katie