Holy smokes was I spoiled this week!! Breakfast with friends, lunch with friends, flowers, so many sweet gifts, messages, cards, a massage, a visit to the art museum, a little party with my boys, chocolate and flowers! 

Best birthday ever! Thank you! 🌺🌸🌺 Hello to 41, I love you already. I didn’t realize I would love being in my 40s, it always seemed so OLD to me, but I’m realizing something different… and I’m seeing it in the women around me, too. It is beautiful and hard to put into words just now. Middle age… wow.

This past year has been such a growth year for me. I am feeling so thankful. ONWARD!!!!! Let’s see what’s coming NEXT!


Lately I’ve received several more images of my art tattooed on women’s bodies – screeeee! That was something I only dreamt about 10 years ago! I don’t have the new samples posted yet, but you can see many KmB tattoos, here (don’t forget to click thru to pages 2 & 3!).

The tattoos have inspired me so much and now I want to wear some motherhood art on my bod, too! 😊

Since I’m not brave enough for ink (maybe someday?), I spent many hours on my birthday designing this shirt that I would LOVE to wear (I’d choose the navy or gray, I think). Designing this was really my birthday gift to myself.

I’m wondering if YOU would like to wear one, too? If so, I can offer them in fitted T and regular T. They’ll start at $23 each. Let me know what you think so I can figure out if I should in fact order them. 

I am currently awaiting my tee shirt samples. I want to make sure the quality and printing is up to my standards before I make them available to my dear people 🙂

~~~ and… ~~~

AND! I’m still reeling from the indulgence of this week – all of the blessings – and I want to GIVE A GIFT TO YOU! 🙂

Choose any 8×10” print from the shop and get it for FREE (a $22 value) with any order of $22 or more. Just type the name of the free print you’d like, in your order comments, and I’ll do the rest!

**Only through tomorrow** so get to choosing! 

Please email me back if you have any questions. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Love & Sincerely, Katie