When I’m stuck or close to a head explosion from TOO MUCH, a quick fix, for me, is to de-clutter. I adore the way I feel after I clean out a closet or a cupboard… 

One day I went through my big hope chest, things I’d been saving since Kindergarten: photos, notes, haircut samples and even baby teeth (yikes!).  

I KNEW as soon as I started digging that I could NOT take all this stuff into my future with me. (I’d recently finished reading Marie Kondo’s book).  

Which items would truly benefit my future? What will my kids want? I don’t want to burden them with my stuff. The result?  

A LOT of it went away. 

I used “would I buy this again?” and “does this bring me joy” to determine what to keep. I touched everything and made a quick heart-intuitive decision as to what pile it belonged in. I had a load for the recycle bin, the trash and some donations. 

I went for a walk after, my spirit truthfully SOARING!! My husband called and I shared my absolute BLISS with him. “I even recycled my college degree!!” I exclaimed! Honestly, I’m not worried that someday I will forget I graduated, nor that someone will need that decorative-certificate for proof. My husband urged me to go straight home and take it out of the recycle bin… but I knew it was too late. The truck had arrived as I was leaving the house. So, it was gone, all of it was gone. 

Emotionally, it took me a bit to get over ONLY his response. But once I put that behind me, the rest was still pure bliss. I recall that being one of the purest, happiest feelings of my life, seriously. 

What do you think? Does this same magic work for you? Have you tried sorting just one cupboard or closet to see how it makes you feel? 

I wish you tons of joy. And I’d LOVE to hear your stories! 

Also, of course, I’ve been painting a lot. Painting brings me such joy. Paint paired with music heals and feeds my soul. 

Here is my newest piece, Everything Is Possible:

Everything Is Possible, new 12x12" painting by Katie m. Berggren Everything Is Possible, new 12x12" painting by Katie m. Berggren

Find all available original paintings here. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read along, enjoy your day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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