Every year I offer few days of Free Shipping for Mother’s Day ~ this year I gave 6 days (yikes!) and it ends TODAY – in less than 15 hours actually. That’s why I’m sending this week’s email a day early 🙂 

I’m giving you free global shipping on Motherhood Paintings, Prints, Coloring Books, Glass Pendants and Magnets, on orders of $49+ from the Online Studio Shop. Let me know if you have questions. 

Shop.KmBerggren.com ~ use coupon code: MOTHER18


Also! I’ve got a brand new original painting, just finished yesterday. Her name is Once Upon A Dream – thank you so much to those who followed along with her details! Right now on my Instagram page, in my Instagram Stories (upper banner of your Instagram on your phone), click on the  button that looks like this:

and you can see the videos of some of her details being created. You’ll also get to hear what I ALMOST named her! But the stories will all expire in the next few hours. That’s how Instagram Stories work – they are only alive for 24 hours total 🙂 

Here is Once Upon A Dream… she is an original 8×8″ painting on deep canvas ($235 & ships for FREE through today!) but she is NOT in the shop yet, if she is for you, then just EMAIL ME BACK 🙂

Once Upon A Dream, brand new painting by Katie m. Berggren

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL week’s middle.
Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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