Last week I started the 16th painting in the Mindful Mothering Project (MMP). The MMP invites you to submit photos that may inspire a brand new painting. Interested? Share your moments, this is an ongoing adventure, no deadline.

The mama whose photo is chosen gets a free 12×12″ print of the finished piece.

 The photo that inspired me this time was one submitted by Kelley (photograph by Sara Folk). This photo grabbed my heart, and the painting has absolutely sucked me in to a world of soft magic ~ I am fantastically in love with this painting so far (I wish I could show you her surface close up, I’ll try later, with vids).

Here is the newest shot of the painting:

in process, Mindful Mothering Project painting #16, by Katie m. Berggren

This piece is a 10×16″ original on canvas and she’s not done yet. Watch her progress on Facebook (I’ve already posted some videos of her). I’ve named this painting SOUL PEACE. I have been visualizing the “directly-after-birth” feeling, putting myself back in that moment… and Soul Peace just feels right… a deep down feeling of peace after hard work and a LOT of waiting.


Dang, I’ve been so inspired lately ~ and the pieces are coming out with soft greens and blues (Spring tones, perhaps?) earlier this week I started Float, and she is now complete (she’s a 6×6″ mini chunky painting). I remember THIS moment, too!! The little sweetie kicking and floating, enthralled by a warm tub. (hold on tight, mama) 🙂

 Float, new original painting from Katie m. Berggren

You can see all of my newest pieces, right here.

Tender Gift Of Time, new painting from Katie m. Berggren


Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL weekend. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie