After YEARS of standing at the easel, I’m sitting intimately with paper and paint and brushes (and dark chocolate and an audio book, perhaps) and loving ideas onto paper. I have SO many ideas, and this has been a really fun way to get them across. I could do 10 paintings a day if I had the energy and time (and no other projects!).

This week, I set my canvas aside and created a painting on paper for YOU! Oneness ~ a perfect moment of connection. This original painting has SOLD, but you can find Limited Edition 12×12″ archival prints of Oneness here.

Oneness, a new painting from Katie m. Berggren, - get a limited edition signed and numbered 12x12" print

Here is another painting on paper that was released last weekend, her name is Skin To Skin. This original painting has SOLD, but she is available as Limited Edition 12×12″ archival prints, signed and numbered, OR open edition (not limited) stretched canvas prints in larger sizes.

Skin To Skin, a new painting from Katie m. Berggren, - get a limited edition signed and numbered 12x12" print

They are painted onto 10×10” heavyweight (140 lb.) acid free watercolor paper, with margins for a crisp, clean appearance.

Since both of the above original paintings have SOLD, you may choose LIMITED EDITION Signed, Numbered & Titled 12×12″ Prints (edition of 20 prints) of each. A Limited Edition of 20 means that only (20) 12×12″ paper prints of this piece will be released out into the world. Ever. The outer dimension of the paper print is 12×12 inches, and the image size is 10×10 inches. This means that the print can be popped into a 12×12 inch frame with no matting necessary. The crisp white margin acts as a faux mat.

Curious? What does paper versus canvas mean in regard to prices of original paintings?  Paintings on paper require less time than canvas paintings ~ so they are a bit lower in price. However, my paintings on canvas are released as Open Edition Prints ~ meaning anyone can purchase a print, forever. My paintings on paper are being released as Limited Edition Prints (12×12″) ~ meaning only a limited number of people can own a print (20). Always let me know if you need further clarification on anything!

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Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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