I recently shared a new big project I’m working on that has taken me to the table to sit and work, after YEARS of standing at the easel. Ironic, since that’s where I started my journey with art: at the kitchen table.

Another ironic funny? I started my work on paper, YEARS ago: colored pencil on paper, graphic markers on paper, digital artwork printed onto paper… When I went to canvas 11 years ago, I launched forward, totally enraptured, and NEVER looked back.

This same project that has me sitting, also has me painting onto paper (25 book illustrations). And I feel a strange excitement, a full circle kind of feeling. I’m DEFINITELY not going to stop painting on canvas, it is the skin & bone that keeps my craft alive ~ but I’m having a really nice time putting paint onto paper.

The thing is, the paint dries SO DARN FAST on paper! And I like that, it allows me to layer deliciously ~ scumbling and massaging, color over color, layer over layer. It’s captivating, seriously. This week, I set my canvas aside and created a painting on paper for YOU!

A little rush of bravery for me… a little hat-tip to my past, and a little toe in the water of possibility. Here is the finished piece:

Captivate, new original painting on paper by Katie m. Berggren captivate-edge-700-2 captivate-full-700


I’ve named her Captivate. She’s painted onto 11×14” heavyweight (140 lb.) acid free watercolor paper, with margins for a crisp, clean appearance.

She can be framed with or without glass. A friend recently reminded me of how pretty my paintings look beneath glass (think glass pendants and glass magnets), so I feel confident that this will be beautiful beneath glass.

Do you love her? Does she spark your inspiration (as she does for me!)? If so, see more photos of her here, and perhaps make her yours ~ you’d be taking home a piece of evidence of the importance of embarking on new adventures. I will appreciate the connection it will create between you and me: You having my FIRST paper and paint creation.

Curious? What does paper versus canvas mean in regard to prices?  Paintings on paper require less time than canvas paintings ~ so they will be a bit lower in price. However, my paintings on canvas are released as Open Edition Prints ~ meaning anyone can purchase a print, forever. My paintings on paper are going to be released as Limited Edition Prints (12×12″) ~ meaning only a limited number of people can own a print. I haven’t decided the size of the edition of prints yet. Somewhere around 15 or 20, I think.

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie