Last week I released Kiss The Sky ~ a new butterfly & mermaid painting. Working on that piece gave me an exciting sense of invigoration, she was just a little gal, and I couldn’t go crazy with detail, but I did love creating her.

SO, this week I have created her big sister: DIVINE UNIVERSE! Kiss The Sky has sold, but Divine Universe has JUST been released to the world! So while she lasts you can grab her here. She is a 10×10″ painting on deep canvas for $275.

Also, remember, you are earning Reward Points with every purchase (this piece earns 12) get to 30 and have a free $30 to spend. AND, you can get free global shipping on this piece using the coupon code SHIPLOVE.

Divine Universe by Katie m. Berggren,

Divine Universe by Katie m. Berggren,


Here is another original painting that is CURRENTLY Available: No Hurry, No Worry: Her title is both a statement and a suggestion; a place of contentment, but also a goal. She’d look amazing in a nursery, and she’s already blessed and inspired the dickens out of me… Now her job is to inspire you ~ to bring light and maternal devotion and love into your life. To remind you WHY you work so hard, and the peace these moments bring.



Many original paintings have found loving new homes in the last couple weeks ~ and a few of my favorites are still available in the Online Studio Shop. Such as Witnessing Brilliance.

Witnessing Brilliance new original 6x6" painting by Katie m. Berggren

Witnessing Brilliance new original 6×6″ painting by Katie m. Berggren


Choose Art that makes YOU feel something ~ you will share your life with your new Original Painting.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t put words to WHY you love a piece, or if no one loves it except YOU.

It doesn’t matter if you know ANYthing about art techniques or styles… doesn’t matter if you know the name of only 1 or 2 artists out in the world… YOU KNOW what speaks to you.


let me know if you have any questions 🙂


Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie