Let’s talk clutter… do we realize just *how much* the stuff around us, as innocent as it may seem… can suck away our energy? Not to mention the time of moving, re-shifting, working-around the stuff.

If we can just clear ONE space in our home, be it our master bathroom, bedroom, office (even just the desk for starters), we can start to feel the abundance of energy and peace that flows into the space left behind.

One trick I love: I keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs and drop in stray toys that collect downstairs. My boys empty the basket every other Sunday (or more often depending upon the size of said toys). Another: I have a cute box in the downstairs closet where we stick all things crafty and craft-able. We call it our “Might Come In Handy Box”. We know where to go when we need twine, a marble, a plastic cup, or a bit of wood… and stuff doesn’t accumulate in drawers.

Let’s reclaim a bit of energy and peace this weekend… can you choose ONE area and rethink the items that inhabit it? Create a place where you can breathe? I sincerely wish you luck and inspiration with this project.


Here is this past week’s new mini painting for the Everyday Connection Collection. Her name is: A Couple More Minutes ~ A few moments to check on the almost-asleep little one, turn into a cozy, wrap-around-mama, cherishable moment. This painting is inspired by a moment with my ten-year-old last week, and I’m working on a larger version of this painting, too! (stay-tuned, and get a sneak peek here!)

A Couple More Minutes is an original painting on an 8×8″ deep canvas, she will arrive wired & ready-to-hang with a stack of 5×7″ frame-able art cards, for $150. Make her yours, right here.

A Couple More Minutes by Katie m. Berggren

A Couple More Minutes by Katie m. Berggren


A Couple More Minutes by Katie m. Berggren

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Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie