Hi there ~

I have the coolest clients, and I’d like to share with you some of their sweet words:

“Our painting is just so so so so beautiful, lovely, moving, creative, happy, peaceful, content  ~ I can’t thank you enough for creating something that captures the connection between the 4 of us in a way that love notes, pictures, hugs, kisses, and spoken words simply cannot.” ~ Sonia, commissioned client of Enlightened Love, Washington DC

Want YOUR own commissioned original painting?

“I just received my beautiful painting. It is absolutely lovely. It feels as though it was created specifically for me. My heart is singing with joy as I hold her in my hands. I can’t wait to expand my collection.” ~ Parmis, Texas, owner of Sweet Like Candy, original KmBerggren painting

“I love my collection of your art. It does serve to inspire and remind me, everyday, of the love I have for my family and the tenderness I strive to express, even when I’m ready to lose my mind!”
~ Laurie, Illinois


Introducing Child Of Motion,the newest one-of-a-kind original 8×8″ painting  to come out of the KmBerggren Studio ~ click the image to make her yours. This piece is inspired by an early composition, Stillness & Motion, and celebrates the art of peace with a busy child.

Child Of Motion by Katie m. Berggren

Child Of Motion by Katie m. Berggren


Child Of Motion by Katie m. Berggren

Child Of Motion by Katie m. Berggren


There is only ever ONE original of each painting.

Have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren