As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with the family’s evening meal. I often get to 4pm and scratch my head…

This is disconcerting and deflating. As I’m a responsible and loving mama who cares so much about what goes into the bellies of her babies, her hubby and herself.

So why the struggle?

I feel like I’ve tried many avenues, techniques for planning and ways of posting and organizing recipes for ease of choice and use. Why must I make this so hard?

In all of my self-inflicted struggles, I have figured a few things out:

~keep it simple
~have 10 favorite things (or so) that you can choose from over and over
~use mostly whole foods and vegetables
~build the meal around the veggies

…and I’m always learning. I like things simple, so I’ve recently been re-attracted to StoneSoup. I LOVE StoneSoup. And here are two recipes I’ve recently snapped up and used (and they went over *pretty* well with my family):

Lentil Balls ~ personally I could eat these every day. My family? Not so much.

Califlower & Garbanzo Beans


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I’d love to hear how you tackle this evening choice (or do you make it a choice that must be figured out in the morning?)


Love & Sincerely, Katie