I am so thankful today for my friends who deeply inspire me to move forward in my life. You know the ones who, after you’ve had a conversation, leave you inspired to pick up your pen and write? To capture your ideas? Or change your life for the better? They inspire moments when we can really, if just for a second, see what we need to do to move forward and evolve.

Friendship by Katie m. BerggrenThese friends listen while we share our hearts, then they share theirs, too ~ and our struggles seem so much less struggle-ish. It’s as if they hold a mirror up to us, just be being themselves, so we can so easily see our way out of the tangled web of our own inner thoughts and resistance.

I’ve got two of these friends ~ just 2 ~ and that is all I need. (I am so honored to be married to one of them).


It’s not our number of friends that counts ~ it’s the connection that occurs with the really good ones <3

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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