I’m not quite sure how it happens. We grow up and along the way an idea is implanted into us. Like a seed into the rich fertile soil of an inquisitive, open mind. We see, we hear, we notice over and over and before too long this idea becomes our reality. I like reality. I am trying every day to love what is real and obvious and accept what is true. BUT, some ideas aren’t true, we’ve just grown up allowing them to blossom as truth in our minds.

One day, I sat down to contemplate the (what I’ve come to call them) the Myths that bring me pain and suffering. I have four main ones (and many myth-lettes that I could go on and on with, I’m sure).

Myth #1: I have to work REALLY SUPER hard to make a living (and the tag-along myth-lette: most people don’t *love* their jobs, so I guess I should find fault in mine)

My dad worked really hard, he was an entrepreneur to two businesses. One in the basement and one in the city about an hour away. I realize now just how proud I am of him. He worked hard and we scraped by. I suppose the seed was planted then and there, as a small girl who would play up until dinner (while my dad worked in the basement shop), and play after dinner (while my dad worked in the basement shop) and go to school and (again) play all day while my dad worked in Portland.

I work hard. I always have. Owning my first business when I was only 16, and growing from there. I love to work, and can’t see myself stopping because I LOVE my craft. BUT, I’m teaching myself that just because we are good at our chosen career, and it brings us joy, we are still allowed to make a good living practicing our chosen profession. No need to add additional self-sabotage to meet the untrue expectation that we can’t honestly make a living unless we are working SUPER hard (and not necessarily enjoying it).

Sharing The Gift by katie m. Berggren

Sharing The Gift by katie m. Berggren ~ prints are here

I’m trying to break this myth. I have my 4 main myths posted above my workbench (my daddy had one of those, too!) and slowly but surely this “truth” has become a “farce”. I lose myself in hours and hours of painting, and I am still a bit shocked that I receive an income from slinging paint and falling in love over and over again with the mother and child relationship on canvas.

The above is one of my own personal myths. It may very well have nothing to do with you. But what about YOU? Is there a myth that has been planted in you and has grown to cause you suffering? Does noticing this myth put you on the path to conquering it?

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Love & Sincerely, Katie