To my commission clients,

(Find details about having an original painting created just for you, right here.)

First of all, thank you ~ it is my honor and my pleasure to create a painting inspired by your loving relationship with your family.

~ Let me promise you one thing ~

If there comes a time when I am not feeling it, when your piece is not coming to me, I will step back. I will work on other pieces until the passion and fire returns – and it ALWAYS does.

It may be the middle of the night, 6am, or while I am cooking dinner, but when the fire sparks I grab the brush (or at least a pen, pencil, chalk or marker…) Then, watch out!

I desire to not push, force or fake a painting – and if I attempt to push, it is terribly obvious.

Instead, I prefer to trust in the process and work on a separate painting until I am perfectly ready to dive into the commissioned piece (or any piece, which is why I usually have 3-5 pieces in progress at any one time!).

If I did not feel the fire and passion when discussing your painting idea with you, trust me, we would not be working together. It takes only moments for me to know if I want to progress on an idea and I have turned down more than a few jobs because the passion was not coming forth. This is a guarantee that your painting is more to me than a job 🙂

When I hear you describe your children, your emotions and inspirations for your family ~ your reflections of love and devotion ~ the embers begin to glow and I can almost feel the painting – it begins to compose itself in my soul and my mind’s eye.

Recently, while sketching, in tune for a client’s piece, I contemplated adding a pillow which would transform the composition from a family sitting to a family lying in bed. And adding a lock of the mother’s hair that would wrap around the father’s shoulders, encompassing the whole family. Part of me felt it would be a good idea, part of me thought it may look strange.

I quickly drew in the lock of hair ~ instantly a lump formed in my throat and I knew it was to be so. My client responded very well to this as well (with tears).

I adore the painting process, the process of futzing and creating/recreating –
it ignites me – it fuels me – and I can’t imagine having any other job.

It even pulls me away from my other daily jobs, like when I burn dinner so that I can get an idea sketched, or start my toaster oven on fire (twice, really!) to add a bit to a painting when inspiration strikes!

THANK YOU for your trust, inspiration, support, love & kindness. I look forward to answering any of your questions. And I look forward to creating for you.

I hope you have a lovely day!
Love & Sincerely ~ Katie