Plenty-full, non toxic stainless steel lunch containers
Plenty-full, non toxic stainless steel lunch containers

My two mama-friends are the brains, passion and creativity behind Plenty-full ~ a new source for (might I say, beautiful) non-toxic stainless steel food containers.  



This holiday season
give the gift of healthy living.
Plenty-full’s non-toxic containers are

  • waste-free,
  • BPA-free, and
  • worry-free

so you eat healthier &
save money






The founders hosted a lovely holiday tea last week, with gratitude for the support of their friends. I was lucky to catch a few gorgeous shots of their products.

The lower images containing food ideas come from the Plenty-full website, where you can purchase Plenty-full’s non toxic stainless steel containers in three sizes: Click Baby, Click Mama and Click Papa! 


From Kerri & Marcy:

We imagine a world full of nourishing food, free of toxic chemicals. As mothers ourselves, we work hard to select and prepare healthy meals for our families. It’s absurd to pack and store that food in plastic and other containers that slowly leak toxins, poisoning our bodies.

We founded Plenty-full to provide beautiful stainless steel as an alternative to “toxic and toss it” food containers. Because enjoying healthy food is key to living a nourishing life– so we feel full with less, we enjoy more and waste less, and we move closer to a world of plenty for all. It’s our mission for ourselves, our families, and our world. We imagine a world of plenty.


The Plenty-full Story

Kerri & Marcy ~ founders of Plenty-Full
Kerri & Marcy ~ founders of Plenty-Full

When two moms can offer a solution to a problem all their friends are struggling with, it’s a great reason to start a business.

We were already talking about creating an eco-friendly venture, knowing Kerri’s creative skills, vision and background in environmental advocacy combined well with Marcy’s management skills, focus and background in finance. Then, we got excited about the stainless steel solution, discussing the cups and dishes we knew from traveling and living in India and Korea.

By the time we used our friends for product testing, we realized there was no turning back. They were counting on us to resolve their “too much plastic” problem. (note from Katie ~ I was in this set of friends: counting on Kerri & Marcy!) 


So, we resolved to offer the very best alternatives to “toxic and toss it” containers. We set the highest possible standards for product quality, social responsibility, and environmental benefit. We found a manufacturer who meets these standards. We created a company identity, a product line, a website… whew! And now our Plenty-full journey begins. We hope you’ll join us.


Plenty-full, non toxic stainless steel lunch containers

Plenty-full, non toxic stainless steel lunch containers

Plenty-full non toxic stainless steel lunch containers