15 months ago I redesigned my studio while my husband was away on a weekend trip ~ but recently, I have been really wanting a change of scenery. My brain particularly needs this change in visual experience ~ this freshening up of the space I spend so much time in. Ever since I was a very little girl, I have relished the times when my mom would move the furniture around in the living room. We had a big living room, and once she was finished, I had new spaces to dance and play, a new area to run around, large spaces of carpet I hadn’t seen in a very long time… and new experiences.

 When I was in middle school, I would set my room up a certain way, organized and clean, then in a few months desire for it to wild and full of creative influence. So I’d change it again. And again. And again.

 Now that I have my own house, I have changed the furniture a multitude of times. Frequently moving my boys’ bedroom furniture around as a ‘surprise’ for them, but also a treat for me. They love it. And as I loved to help my mom move couches, they love to help me.

 Katie m. Berggren studioMy studio thrilled me 15 months ago with its freshly refinished desk and craft table, new rug and new-to-me printer stand. But over the last two weeks it was a huge part of my thinking ~ feeling stuck.

 When I’m stuck, I automatically look to the outside world to help me (ie: my studio and other home spaces) when I know deep down that the change needs to occur inside me. But I give in to the urge to move furniture!

 My husband helped me this time (and gave me his blessing) and we made some quick magic this weekend. I painted the one wall of my studio that I had left white (why?) ~ and with more wall touch-ups the average joe might not be able to tell this is a painting studio ~ til he looks at the floor.

 So, I have some photos to show you the rebirth of my studio. I now have lovely day light spilling across my fingers as I type, and a window to look out when my eyes get tired of the screen.

 My workbench where I paint puts me with my back to the window, I get less natural light, but I found myself painting for the first time in my new space last night, and the color combos that emerged excited me. This could be good. Even better when I get a lamp.

 Katie m. Berggren studio


Well, now you can see where the magic happens, where the paintings are born, where the ideas and new products grow; the carpet where I sit and pack all my orders; the second-hand but refinished tea table-turned-printer stand which so carefully supports my glorious archival printer; the workbench completely splattered with paint; the hanging inspiration collection and the available paintings adorning the studio wall.

 Aaaaaahh, I love it here.


The (randomly chosen) Free Calendar winner for last week is… Lorelei! 

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