Katie m. Berggren & Pablo Picasso
An Art Appreciation Analysis by Melissa Larey, Jacksonville Florida
©October 22, 2010 (reprinted with permission)

How does one define art? I do not think there is a universally accepted definition of art. Art, to me, means beauty, awkwardness, uniqueness and impulsiveness. It is any interpretation that is being represented to the person viewing the art. There are many different styles of art and many different mediums that are used. A lot of times, the meaning of art can come from the era in which the art is produced. In this research paper, I have found two pieces of art that were created in two different eras. These pieces are exactly 105 years apart from each other. I will define the differences in communication between the two pieces of artwork as well as the elements and principles of design that are being used. Read More




“There is one thing one has to have: either a soul that is cheerful by nature, or a soul made cheerful by work, love, art, and knowledge.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche


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