The Great Studio Re-Do ~ Before & After… Phew!
September 2010
(holy smokes, I cannot believe it has already been a year)

“I realize that over the past year I have been so busy working and painting, that I have neglected the aesthetic quality of my studio. Deep inside I ached for new furnishings and a new look, but never seemed to want to put the money down (for fear of making a mistake ~ I’m not a big shopper, nor an interior designer). I shopped at IKEA and browsed online, but could never find the perfect set-up.” Read More

You’ll notice above how I have my website showing on the monitor… I have since completely redesigned my website as well 🙂 Can’t I just leave things alone? Nope.

Have a wonderful week, and remember ~
moving furniture around is a simple way to boost power and creativity for your brain 🙂

Love & Sincerely, Katie