A year or so ago ~ I was following a fellow young woman artist online and she mentioned how someone had her artwork tattooed upon their body. I was so surprised and just couldn’t fathom the idea! I thought it was pretty cool.

Deep inside, in my tiny internal voice, I felt that I might someday find my artwork used in such a permanent fashion ~ but only because the wearer truly loves and relates to the image.

Recently, Erin in Winnipeg, Canada has asked permission to have Merchild emblazoned on her arm, and with the addition of a lotus flower ~ I think it is SO beautiful, and I am SO honored. Thanks Erin!

Spreading mother-love around the world ~ what more could I possibly ask my paintings to accomplish?

Here is the original Merchild, you can find prints of her in the Online Etsy shop.

Have a great (hopefully long) weekend,
Love & Sincerely,