In May of 2009 ~ Ache came to be ~ she spent a couple weeks in my head first ~ tethered to me by her title. A title made up of a word representing something that I often feel when thinking about my boys. My boys whom had previously needed me and my body in order to live ~ my boys who stretched me and pushed me ~ pulled me both physically and emotionally.

The act of being a mother and literally feeling my heart on the outside of my body everyday, leaves behind an ache. It does now, and it did in May 2009.

Ache was a part of the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection ~ a collection started in February of 2009.

She sold right away to one of my favorite collectors.

HOWEVER! Recently, she has come back into my studio as my collector decided to trade up to a larger painting ~ which means Ache is available right now.


Now that she is back in my possession, I was tempted to refine her ~ she could do with some smoothing, I suppose ~ but her rawness is what speaks to me most now ~ her emotional honesty, her complete carved-out passion for nourishing her child.

I find myself unable to edit her, wanting to leave her as she was first born. Her purpose had intent, and her message still does.

I have currently struggled with fighting the urge to refine my paintings too far ~ and I desire to leave them in their abstract, honest and rough states ~ the way they came through me onto the canvas.

Ache will stand as a painting that, as the artist, I view as one of my most raw pieces. Rough and honest.


If you are interested in taking home Ache, the very last painting from the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection ~ You can grab her here.

Here are her details:


Available ~ $85
You can grab her here

Acrylic on Canvas

8×8″ May 2009

#43 of 85 8x8s

©2009. KmBerggren

Message from the Artist:

Ache gelled for a time ~ one day, I was working on a different painting when the composition for Ache suddenly sprang out ~ I switched canvases immediately. Ache is a word I use to describe my feelings toward wanting my boys to stay small forever, yet longing to see who they’ll become ~ yet knowing that when they are grown, I’ll ache for these young years again… My heart does flip flops when I get into this vein of thought, and I’m reminded to focus on the now.


Let me know if you have any questions, and have a great day.

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie