She is complete and ready for her unveiling ~ thank you all so much for your support and feedback along the journey of creating Whimsical Mother.

There has been so much loss lately ~ most of it learned of virtually, via email. It exists in such a heavy form. The stories beg to cut me down, and all of us, I know ~ so recently, standing at my blank canvas, listening to much-needed happy tunes, Whimsical Mother emerged quite spontaneously.

I accepted her as a welcomed detour from darkness, and looked forward to shedding light on her whimsical details. Now, our journey complete, she reclines peacefully in her fresh blue environment, happy, light, open, and looking toward the future with bright open eyes.

Whimsical Mother has sold <3

See Whimsical Mother’s humble beginnings.

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie