The Expanded Visions Collection
a new series of 8×10 paintings starting in March
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Painting, for me, brings feelings that anything can be accomplished or manifested ~ this new body of work will pivot on spontaneity and vision.

Expanded Visions ~ 20-40 small paintings exploring Vision and Spontaneity ~ inspired by simple phrases and words determined ideal enough to place on my Vision Board ~ then unfolded, visually, onto deep 8×10 canvases to share.

…Vision Boards contain images and words we collect that speak to our heart and represent the goals and visions for our particular ambitions. With the idea that seeing what we want in visual form every day will encourage it to become evident in our lives…. Learn More

For these upcoming paintings, I envision quick and intimate flashes of life ~ touches, kisses, positions and poses. I have taken notes on ideas for fresh palettes, detail, natural touches and texture. This collection will be guided by:

~Skin To Skin
~Fresh Rawness
~Spring & Nature

Even the words give me chills and elicit eagerness to be starting a new collection of mini paintings.

The details:

20-40 8×10″ Paintings on deep, splined (no back staples) canvases

$120 each with $10 from each purchase going directly to a charity supporting mothers and children.

Beginning in March with 1-2 paintings released (via email, the website, the Painting Motherhood blog and Facebook) on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month until the collection feels complete.

above image: Mother, the first painting for release, currently unfinished

Thank You!