Lovely Words from the new owner of the Original Earth Mama:

“Katie ~ She’s here and she’s amazing! This painting is so much better in person than online and it has touched me deeply! I have to tell you in all honesty that I did have some moments of “buyer’s regret” on occasion while we waited for her. It is an investment that we normally wouldn’t make. I asked myself several times if such a large purchase could be justified, could really be worth it. I am so thrilled to love her.

At the risk of boring you, I must tell you what more she says to me now that she is here. The high quality and, yes, the high cost speak to me of an acknowledgment of the worth of our children who were really known only by Mama & Daddy. One of the hardest parts of a neonatal or prenatal death is the lack of value that the rest of the world unknowingly gives to that child and that relationship.

I do believe that losing a child with whom you’ve lived is a much greater loss; there are more memories, a unique person you know well and a tangible relationship to mourn that only come with time and mothering. Still, there is so much more lost in a very early death that few understand without having suffered through it. Mothers, and often dads too, carry that scar for the rest of their lives. “Earth Mama” embodies that significance and relationship, giving permission to remember and hold dear the little time we had with these children. That brings healing with it. And the colors and swirls, the whimsical dots, are precious reminders of hope and joy!

I am amazed and grateful that you were able to capture all of this without having to walk such a difficult path yourself.

Gratefully and with wonder, W.C. (Hoopeston, IL)”

Thank you so much ~ Love & Sincerely, Katie