Today it ends, and I can hardly believe it. After 19 months of posting 1-4 new paintings per week (always Thursday morning!), counting the 85 8x8s Collection and The Forty Minis Collection ~ it has all come to an end.

This day brings the Very Last 10×10 of Them All: Provide.
*sniffle* (but looking very brightly toward what the future brings!)

Acrylic on Canvas
#40 of 40 10x10s
©2010. KmBerggren

Grab Provide in the Online Shop, while it lasts, if you like!

Message from the Artist:
In all of the 85 8x8s and all of the 40 10x10s and the rest of the Mother/Child Connection series, I have yet to do this. I’ve created mother’s nursing their babies, walking their babies, talking with, laughing with, singing to, cuddling, rocking and protecting, but I’m ending The Forty Minis Collection with this child ~ feeding her mother.

see The ENTIRE Forty Minis Collection here

I won’t kid you and tell you that I am going to start a new collection of small paintings directly after this – because I’m not. I’m exhausted of small paintings. I’m ready to work on the big ones ~ the big paintings that can speak to a whole room!

These last 19 months have been entirely fun and a phenomenal learning experience for me ~ I am, everyday, cherishing the amazing mothers and fathers, friends, collectors and fans that I have met through building these two collections.

Beginning next Thursday, I will no longer send a weekly email, but an email every other week (or so) ~ with progress of each month’s large painting, special offers, events and new products in the Online Shop. I will be finishing one large painting per month, and look forward to sharing videos and progress paintings with you.

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I thought it might be fun to share here the available 10×10 paintings, you can find them all in the Online Shop, while they last.

see The ENTIRE Forty Minis Collection here

AVAILABLE 10×10 Paintings (not including today’s: Provide)

Let me know if you have any questions ~ have a wonderful day!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for hanging with me for the last 19 months (many of you I met along the way and I am so grateful to have done so) it has been a joy communicating with you and sharing this passionate, emotional urge that comes from my soul.

LOVE & Sincerely, Katie