Beginning in February I discovered an urge to enjoy fabric and its patterns… but not the typical fabrics that surrounded me on a daily basis…

PHOTO: the new fabric

Those I never even thought twice about (except for really despising the material that my dining room curtains are made out of – they were here when we moved in a year ago and I have never liked the way they looked or felt – or the thought of 11 years worth of other peoples’ germs on them…)

While I was in Sweden in February visiting my brother and his wife and their new baby boy, I fell in love with the bright, simple yet imaginative patterns of their cloth. Even digging through scraps and old curtains and towels in the Salvation Army was completely intriguing for me. I couldn’t believe how moved I was about their fabrics… it simply wasn’t like me!

PHOTO ABOVE: the new fabric in action (tie cords)

My sister-in-law, Charlotte, had created some gorgeous statement-making black and white curtains that hung across their living room, and something about the atmosphere they created had me hooked. I began my search for curtains for my bedroom, while in Sweden.

NOTE: I am NOT a shopper… see earlier posts regarding my anti-clutter and anti-shopping tendencies…

When I entered Åhléns City in Stockholm with Charlotte, we walked toward the fabrics and curtains and within seconds I found the fresh and funky pattern that spoke to me ~ my bedroom is my place of meditation and rest and I wanted to give it an extra touch. Being surrounded by the patterns and colors (baby clothes, towels, skirts, table cloths) in Sweden had me romanced.

PHOTO LEFT: the master bedroom curtains

I purchased a curtain panel and some fabric and within a week of my return I had created my two panel window design and several pillow coverings. My boys LOVE sewing with me, and our sessions always include 1/4 “sew for mommy” and 3/4 “sew things for the boys”! They each netted two new stuffed toys in the process.

I absolutely love the way the curtains and pillows reminded me of my visits to Sweden, my brother and Charlotte, not to mention the peace and fresh living inspiration that they provide me on a daily basis.

I KNOW they are JUST curtains! I believe in surrounding ourselves with things that inspire us, and for me it is art.

My dislike for my dining room curtains (and the dirty itchy feeling they give me) and my love for my new Sweden duds led me to IKEA last week where my boys and I looked through panels and fabric. None of the panels spoke to me, but some of the fabric did – thus, even though it increases the workload by a long-shot, I purchased 6 yards of some more beautiful Swedish fabric. It took me four and a half months to get there to look at the fabric, but I am really happy with my choice.

Due to my excitement (and impatience) it is taking me only a couple nights to get the curtains created. Sewing has been invigorating for my soul. Such a nice change of pace.

PHOTO ABOVE: the old dining room curtains

I can’t wait to see my dining room complete with its fresh and invigorating new colors. And when my boys wrap themselves in the curtains I will no longer have to go off on my spiel of other people’s germs… ! 🙂

The Free Cards Winner for last week is Kate T! Thank you ALL for playing!

Love & Sincerely, Katie