On Monday, I took my 87 year-old Grandmother to the bus station and after, finding myself uncommonly alone and emotionally stirred and inspired (not uncommon), I had time to indulge in a fertile mind.

An insightful book I am reading titled Writer Mama introduced the idea of a “tickler file” – a place to pile half done drawings and/or writing ideas for later delving and inspiration.

A bursting of inspiration told me I had to start my file right away – I am always frustrated that I write down or draw my ideas and have no idea if I will ever see them again.

With a notebook in the car, a notebook in the purse, 3 in the studio and one by the bed, there is never any accountability for the fate of my scratched out ideas. With a purchase of two pretty boxes (one for writings, one for drawings) at Michaels (after scouring my brain to see if I already owned something that would work) I feel this will work for me. A reason to snip and cut ideas from wherever they have landed, to put them in a safe place.

I began cutting through my sketchbook last night and found this past sketch – I was very excited with the possibilities entangled in it… so I started the painting.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

I keep wondering if this early-waking thing is for me – but today I did it and it worked beautifully. It is ever so hard to get out of bed sometimes, but I know that if I can just get the go-to-bed time on track, then the mornings will be glorious…

Love & Sincerely, Katie