As I’m cleaning out the rat cage this morning, I am thinking about committing – being committed to the choices I make and those that depend upon me. I enjoy my son’s cute rat, she’s sweet and good (though very hard to litter box train!), and cleaning out her cage shows that I am committed to her as our little pet.

The laundry, vacuuming and toilets call to me – and as I tackle them one by one (or all mixed together like I have a tendency to do) I will try to think about the work as a commitment to my little family who wears the clothes and dances on the floor with sticky little toes (and crumbs flying).

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Have a great Friday,

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

image: Blurring The Lines, a painting created in July of 2007, currently available and on display at Ambiance Salon in Vancouver, WA