I’d love to present to you Breath & Heart, a painting just completed for an artist in Florida ~ Carmen Wilson is a photographer of breathtaking talent, and I invite you to view her amazing work here.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece for Carmen and her family, and am honored beyond imagination to have permission to share her kind words:

“Words can not express HOW MUCH I LOVE my painting. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It just keeps making me smile. I can’t even hang it because I want to stare at it all night. It’s sitting on an easel in my bedroom so I can look at it all night. Oh, my I just love it to pieces. The only regret I have is: I wish it was a huge painting. Oh, this is a masterpiece and it needs to be so big!

I woke up this morning and just slightly opened the blinds so the morning light would shine on my sweet masterpiece. Instantly, I got teary and once again was reflecting back to the sweetest days in my life. It brought back toddler days that I treasure so dearly. I see the love and emotion in your painting that represents the four of us. I appreciate your talent immensely. Kudos to you my dear for you are blessed with greatness.

I am mesmerized by this piece. It’s really the most beautiful item in my home. I need more ASAP.”

Thank you so much, dear Carmen, for sharing your words and inspiration, and for the opportunity to create Breath & Heart for you.

I continue to be intrigued and motivated by Carmen’s work.

The Free Cards Winner for last week is Jennifer C., thank you all for playing! Let’s do it again this week. Have a great week!

Love & Sincerely, Katie