It’s Free Cards Friday and I am sorry I waited til the last moment to create this post.

Today was “Do It” day at the Berggren house which included creating charms, tons of vacuuming, stripping wallpaper (hence the tons of vacuuming), playing at the park, cooking, cleaning, packing and shipping several orders, playing a 5-year old’s game of bowling, and now fixing dinner and preparing for some relax time and painting (later). Phew!

I do love Do It day, though (this term coined from a favorite Sesame Street book) 🙂

Here is an image showing What’s Up In The Studio!

The new large painting is titled Heart Of Hearts and is inspired by an 8×8 titled Heart To Heart which is available, by the way. When taking this small painting to my Portland Gallery, the owner looked at the tag and said “Heart Of Hearts” instead of Heart To Heart. Those words stuck in my head and became the title for this inspired larger painting.

Well, since it’s Free Cards Friday today, comment on this post throughout the weekend (on the Painting Motherhood Blog or on Facebook) and be in the running to WIN Free Cards!
I will choose the winner on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!

If I can stay away from the chocolate chips (which I have a tendency to call my Chocolate Prozac on those kind of days) then my little cold will probably go away 🙂

Love & Sincerely, Katie