It seems sad and isolate to let go of this collection that has opened me and closed me, stretched me and compressed me, delighted me and stressed me for 9 whole straight months.

I am happy with the finished family of 85, but is it really about the outcome? The finished pieces? Or is it about the process?

Glow, the first 8×8, released the beginning of February, 2009

The stumble, the path, the walk, the doors that open pulled by inspiration and insight – pulled by experiences and quiet meditation – pulled by time with my boys that I know I will never retrieve…

Fresh young years of their life that have this one chance to be lived…

I ponder about what is next, and am looking forward to the Limited Edition Giclees, as well as the collection beginning in December called The Forty Minis.

I look forward to seeing what lies ahead in the long run, while I feel my way onto the canvas, as though my heart and soul is gripping the brush and my mind is but an extra appendage…

I love what I do, and if I follow my soul I’ll be completely free to do what I am divinely called to do. The rest will be taken care of.

Healing Me, the final of 85 8x8s, released the end of October, 2009

Sometimes I am and I feel so strongly outcast, but I smile and feel joyful thankfulness that I get to be me in my world. I feel like a 0person with a completely separate ideal. Though I know millions and millions share my feelings, and I am thankful to be connected to so many who feel and think like me.

If you have not watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s flick Ambition to Meaning, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Soon, I will post a blog post showing all 85 of the paintings – that will be fun.

Thank you again, to all of my wonderful supporters ~ to those of you who have been there with me from the beginning ~ and to those who have stepped in along the path somewhere.

Thank you to that certain sweet collector who now proudly holds 21 of my paintings, to the other wonderful woman who has 18, and she who has 14 and he who has 6 ~ to name a few of my new friends.

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Love and warm, sincere feelings to you all, have a great weekend!