Today brought two new 8×8 paintings for the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection – they have both been claimed – and next Thursday brings the FINAL 8×8!

What an enchanted adventure this has been and I am ever so thankful for all of the wonderful mothers I have met along the way ~ thank you so much for your support, feedback, excitement, ideas, purchases, sharing and referrals.



November will the The Month of Giclees!

Throughout November, I will release 4 Limited Editions – a new one each Thursday morning ~ each containing SEVEN (7) in stock 12×15 high-quality Giclee prints in a limited edition of only 30 (numbers 8-30 will need to be ordered, but are available as well!).

The first of 4 Giclee offerings will be released on Thursday, November 5.

WHAT IS A GICLEE? You may be wondering…
Giclees are Museum quality Fine-Art reproductions, also called Archival Prints. These are the result of highly advanced digital printing technology using fade-resistant archival (acid free) inks known to last at least 100 years.

A Giclee is the closest to an original painting as you can get. These prints are made using an ultra-high-resolution printer, using enhanced smooth matte acid free paper.
The color, quality of materials, and overall look makes a Giclee much more valuable than any other type of reproduction. Notably more valuable if the edition is limited to 100 prints or less, and if the Giclee has been pencil signed and numbered by the Artist.
Which these will be!

Each Thursday morning I’ll surprise you with the painting that is offered as a Limited Edition Giclee (these will replace the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection releases, since the 8×8 Collection will be COMPLETE by the end of October!) – so stay posted by making sure you are on the email list!

Also, FYI – I will be releasing two new Holiday Card designs, and also a few boxes of last year’s designs. STAY TUNED! There will be a snowman and bird style, for sure 🙂

Have a great day!
Love & Sincerely,