I have a tendency to want things clean and “just right” in my home… but the studio is an exception – a place where creative abandon rules, where paint blobs can be found on the floor and cupboards, light switch and walls. Where resource materials pile (but not too much) and canvases stack in corners (in a rather organized way).

Mostly, however, it’s my painting counter that shows the intensity that happens in my studio – where my ipod sits waiting for the next session, with paint on its cord and earplugs; where my jars of Golden Acrylic rest, their lids having been used as palettes, over and over again.

Zinc white – it is transparent, and it blends beautifully with other colors – this works well for me because I do not often clean my brushes in between paint colors – when you peer into my zinc white you see a myriad of other colors swirled within – I love laying down some zinc in an eye or on a cheek and seeing swirly remnants from a painting past.

To me, my paintings are created from pure emotion and intensity. For me, they represent pure emotion and intensity – and they are born in a place where passion rules over tidiness!
Have a great week!
Love & Sincerely, Katie