I adore change ~ I adore spring because it invites new life, new optimism, ideas and freshness. I hope I always find things to change – tightening up certain aspects of life so that other aspects can flow free. I want to bake with my boys and not look at the clock – I want to look into my email box and find emails representing abundance and possibility – I want to look around my house and have my eyes only land on things that belong and nothing that confuses or annoys me. Ah, I guess we all go through things like this – I know my thoughts are not original –everything has been done before, right?

I’m working on 4 new 8x8s for Thursday’s release, titled clockwise from upper left:

Point of View
Heart Wide Open
Affection (inspired by a painting I did for my brother and his wife for their wedding in August of 2007)
Have a wonderful week!
Love & Sincerely, Katie